What Should You Expect on a First Sugar Date?

first sugar date

Although sugaring definitely takes dating to a different (and very welcome) level, some things remain the same no matter how you approach your dating life. The uncertainty that accompanies first dates is one of them. That said, whether you’re preparing to go on your first ever sugar bowl date with a potential partner or have had plenty of other firsts before, it’s understandable if there are a few nerves involved. Here’s a closer look at how both babies and daddies size up their date’s potential when meeting up for the first time.

Sugar Babies: How to Make a Great Impression

The allure of a fantastic sugar baby who’s sought after by all the best sugar daddies is her charm. That said, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared to turn yours up to the max and attract the best sugar daddy just for you. Here are some pointers for doing exactly that.

  • Definitely take the time to look your best. Style yourself tastefully, but in a way that shows off your best features to perfection. The best sugar babies are nothing if not feasts for the eyes.
  • Good sugar babies are also master conversationalists, so prepare for your date by making sure you have plenty of substance to talk about. Research some of your date’s interests so you can make sparkling conversation about things he likes. Brushing up on the news and current events of the day never hurts either.
  • Everyone is going to be somewhat guarded on a first date, so your potential sugar daddy is prepared for that. However, you still want to do your best to be open and approachable. He needs to get to know you well enough to determine whether or not there should be a second date.

It’s also a good idea to settle on what you intend to ask for as far as an allowance and benefits should the two of you talk further about entering into a mutually beneficial relationship. If he likes you, he may bring it up sooner rather than later. You shouldn’t expect an allowance or gift on the first date though (although some lucky babies you know may have received them).

Sugar Daddies: How to Convince Her You’re the One

A good sugar baby is really worth her weight in gold – a perfect ten in every sense of the word. She’s beautiful, she’s charming, she’s intelligent, and she almost certainly has her pick of the litter when it comes to potential sugar daddies. Here’s how to convince her that you’re the one worth giving her honey-sweet time to.

  • Your sugar baby is interested in more than just your wallet. Polish and panache count for a lot as well, so make sure you look impeccable. Dress to the nines and make sure you’re perfectly groomed without a hair out of place. Make sure you smell divine as well.
  • This ravishing creature you’re hoping to impress is going to be highly interested in whether or not the two of you have any natural chemistry. Make it easy on her by letting her see the real you. Make easy conversation based on topics you’ve already talked about. Ask her about herself and make sure she knows how fascinating you find her.
  • If you like your date and feel like you’re hitting it off, you should consider bringing up the topic of an arrangement before the night is through. It’s a good way to let a potential sugar baby know you’re into her and see some potential between the two of you.

Sugar babies appreciate a gentleman, so don’t be too forward on a first date. Treat her like a lady and take this first evening to just get to know her. Enjoy some conversation and simply live in the moment, happy in each other’s company. There will be plenty of time for more later on.

At the end of the day, a first sugar date may come attached to fewer games and expectations than a traditional date, but it’s still a date all the same. That means the same principles apply for the most part. Look your best, put your best foot forward, and be your charming self. The rest will take care of itself.

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