Limitations of Married Sugar Daddies

Sugar dating isn’t just for singles—everyone is basically welcome to try out this kind of arrangement. As long as you know what you are getting into, then you’re good. You don’t have to be an expert to know that sugar dating is the ideal type of relationship when it comes to having mutual benefits without compromising either party’s happiness or satisfaction. You can get out of sugar dating whenever you wish and save the trouble of having heartbreaks and hearing tear-jerking lines from shattered women. However, both the Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy should be aware of the limitations when they are currently in a relationship with someone else outside of the sugar arrangement. Some SBs are okay with the idea of letting their partner know of their connection with a Sugar Daddy, but some are not. And it’s not always true for the Sugar Daddies. Some married SDs encounter problems when their wife actually discovers their relationship with a Sugar Baby.

Don’t Call Your SB Anytime You Wish

This is a huge NO when you are married because your wife will definitely question you. Keep your sugar relationship a secret by being discreet. You don’t have to buzz your SB after every 15 minutes to make sure she’s doing well. Remember that she is a grown-up woman and she can very much take care of herself. If you want to check up on her, you have to make sure that your wife (or child/children) is asleep or away so you’ll avoid unnecessary arguments. You also have to tell your Sugar Baby that she can’t give your phone a ring when you’re with your wife or family (or even when you’re at work). You can text her (or she can text you) but just make sure that no one knows that she’s the reason why you’re sometimes smiling at your phone, by yourself.

Change Your SB’s Name on Your Contacts

Changing your Sugar Baby’s name on your phone is a great way to keep her identity unknown—which is what you would want to maintain. You can be very creative when trying to replace her name with somebody else’s. Anyone in their sane mind wouldn’t think of substituting another woman’s name in place of the name of their SB on their phone’s contacts. You would want to choose a random guy’s name, or you can use your friend’s name. Just make sure to remember which name you chose to avoid mistaking your friend from your SB, or put random symbols for easier identification (for example: “Joey -_-“ or “Joey 2”). You could also opt not to do anything about it, meaning you’ll have to memorize your SB’s number. If you are good at memorization, this will be the best option for you. If she would ever call you randomly and your wife sees her calling, you can say that you’re not going to pick it up because it’s an unknown caller.

Keep a Safe Distance from Your SB

Naturally, you would want to spend time with your Baby. Whether it’s accompanying her to the mall for shopping or going to a restaurant together for dinner, it will always be a time well spent. But if you’re married, you would not want other people to see you walking hand-in-hand with your SB inside the mall or down the street. You can book a weekend vacation to a secluded resort or a staycation at a hotel for a private moment with your Baby. Be sure that the location is far from your workplace or your house to prevent your family, colleagues or relatives from seeing you with another woman. But if you really need to accompany her somewhere, keep a safe distance from her. Don’t try to hold her hands or walk close to her because if your wife sees you walking alongside a younger and attractive woman, she’s automatically going to think that you’re having an affair with her.

Remind Your SB to Avoid Sending VMs

Never ever give your SB your home phone number if you are a married man. If you do this, she will be too complacent and might even try to leave a voicemail if you’re not picking up your phone. Your SB knows your name or she might also call you “daddy.” If this happens, your wife will know what’s really going on and you don’t want that. If you really think that you have to give your SB your home phone number, just tell her that she’s not allowed to leave a voice message. She will definitely understand this especially if she’s aware that you are married. But if she already has your personal mobile number, it’s a little unnecessary to give her your home phone number, too.

Don’t Let Your SB Use Your Personal Stuff

Allowing your baby to use your personal things (like your comb, face towel or jacket) is very risky. This is because women normally use perfume and cosmetics. If you let her use your comb, your wife might possibly see longer locks stuck in between your comb’s teeth. This could be a problem if they have different length and color of hair, or if your wife doesn’t normally use your comb. If you allow her to use your face towel, she might stain it with her makeup. And letting her use your jacket or coat means increasing the chances of your wife smelling another woman’s perfume on your clothes. If this is unavoidable, you can ask her to refrain from spraying too much perfume, or just tell her not to wear perfume at all.

The room for spontaneity is naturally going to be reduced if you are a married Sugar Daddy dating a single Sugar Baby (single SB means she has no romantic relationship with anyone outside of the sugar arrangement). But this is not enough reason to give up sugar dating, even though this might mean less fun for the both of you especially if you like spontaneity. Just always remember to be certain about what you’re getting into before actually jumping in.

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