How to Know When to Get Out of Sugar Dating

The only constant thing in this world is change—nothing’s permanent. This is true even in the most depressing situations. There will always be an end to sufferings and mishaps. Thankfully, there are ways to figure out when to call it quits with your Sugar Baby. Cutting ties with an SB might seem like a very frustrating task because it involves parting not only with the person but also with the arrangement. After all, sugar dating shouldn’t be treated like marriage, because it is not. If you feel like you’re not satisfied anymore, what’s the point of staying? Anyone is free to let go anytime they wish to—but be sure not to resort to ghosting because that’s immature and rude.

If Your SB is Not Giving You Enough Time

Giving time means giving attention. Your Sugar Baby should know when and how to show you that they value you and care for you, by devoting some of their time to you. If they’re constantly turning you down when you want to see them saying that they’re busy with work or any other activity, you need to start questioning yourself if she’s a worthy SB. However, if they’re still a student and they’ve rejected you a few times, you need to understand that her studies are her priority—so that might be an exception. But then again, be on the lookout and be wise all the time. Examine their reasons and identify whether or not they’re being honest. Some of them use valid excuses but that doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth. If you are really not satisfied with the number of times you see each other, be honest and tell her that you want to be with her more and see if her reaction will please you.

If She Often Appears Uninterested

You can tell if your Baby is invested, with whatever it is you’re doing with her if she’s displaying a positive visage all the time. Of course, there will be times where she might be in a bad mood because of her period, her personal problems or something else. But this shouldn’t be happening each and every time you meet up. If she’s always frowning or being unenthusiastic, then it’s time for you to ask her about it. If she tells you that she doesn’t want to continue the arrangement anymore then let her go. It’s not going to please you if you’re with someone who constantly looks bored. Same thing if she’s always on her phone when you’re out eating or doing something together. As an SD, you would want to engage her with topics that will interest the both of you, but if she’s not willing to participate then the problem is with her.

If Your Sugar Baby Starts Acting Rude

It has become too easy for rudeness to morph into outright hate. If you’re surprised that your Sugar Baby starts being rude to you all of a sudden, maybe it’s time to dump her. Sure, they might be able to provide excuses, but if they’re obviously not respecting you anymore, don’t be afraid to cut ties with them. There will never be a right time to act rude, especially with you—the Sugar Daddy. Some SBs feel like they have the right to act rude around you because they are keeping you satisfied in other ways. But you have to remember that you are in control because you are the Sugar Daddy. This doesn’t mean that you have the right to be rude to them, because that’s being unfair to them. A healthy sugar dating arrangement should be fun, and free from any form of rudeness or immaturity. Respect begets respect.

If She Stopped Responding to Your Texts

Both the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby have their own personal lives outside of the arrangement. Because of this, most of them choose texting as their main form of communication. Some SDs are married and some SBs have their own boyfriends so, in order to keep things quiet, they resort to texting. If you’ve noticed that your baby has stopped responding to your texts, then that’s a clear sign that she doesn’t want to see you anymore, or even talk to you. If she didn’t reply, don’t just randomly show up at her place. It’s clear as day—she wants out of the arrangement. Don’t send a thousand texts just to get her attention. You could try calling her once, and if she doesn’t pick up (or worse, if she changed her number) she’s silently telling you that she wants to break up with you. Even though you know that this attitude is basically putting her under the immature category, don’t stress yourself about it.

If You Don’t Feel Happy Anymore

You involved yourself with sugar dating because you wanted to be happy. No one should ever make you question that—not even your own Sugar Baby. You would not want to stay with an SB who doesn’t know how to keep you satisfied. Exiting an unhappy relationship will always be the best choice. Don’t hesitate to find another POT SB if you think that your current Sugar Baby is not making you happy anymore. After all, it’s actually one of her major duties as an SB—to keep the Sugar Daddy happy and satisfied. If an employee fails to perform their task constantly, the boss is going to fire them immediately. Same is true with sugar dating. Think about yourself and how you can be happier with a more deserving Sugar Baby.

You always have a choice—you have the power and the freedom to choose. Don’t settle with an SB who would just give you unnecessary headaches or false hopes. Find someone who you can be happy with—someone who can satiate you. If you think you’re not with the right SB, listen to your gut feeling and go hunt for the perfect Sugar Baby for you. There are tons of them out there, waiting for you.

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