Getting Yourself Out of a Sugar Dating Arrangement

A perfect sugar dating arrangement is non-existent, so expect to experience some hiccups here and there. But if it’s not working at all, it may be time to let go and find another Sugar Baby. Unfortunately, it could be a little challenging to actually tell if a person deserves your time and attention or if they simply should not be in your life anymore. But once a decision has made to end the arrangement, it should be done immediately.

Some people believe that it’s painless to get out of a sugar dating arrangement, but that’s not always true. Some Sugar Babies continue to bother their Sugar Daddy (despite being told not to) even after their breakup with the latter. This brings up complications and unwanted confrontations, and nobody needs that. Being able to fully understand and analyze the situation will help the both of you to completely forget about each other and be free. After all, both parties should not even be emotionally attached to each other and that should have been emphasized even before the start of the arrangement.

Stay Calm

When you’re in a breakup situation, it’s important to remember to stay calm and avoid starting a fight with your ex-SB. Shouting at her or being overly angry about her desire to stay with you will just make you the bad guy. If you let yourself become bent out of shape about it, your physical and mental health might even suffer eventually. Avoid throwing a fit and just keep your cool even if she keeps on sending you text messages every five minutes, or even if she tries calling you a hundred times a day. You can send her a single text message stating your reasons as to why you don’t want to continue the arrangement with her anymore and after that, you can block her number on your phone so she can’t bother you anymore. It could be really annoying especially if it affects your work or personal life. Just try to stay nice and avoid calling her bad names or cussing her out.

Talk to Her

Most, if not all problems are solved through proper communication. If your ex-SB keeps on bothering you, she might just want to talk to you or ask for a favor—give her a chance. Remember that she was once your Baby and most probably, she had given you a great time when you were her Sugar Daddy. Talking to her doesn’t mean she’s going to be your SB again. It just means being polite and allowing yourself to hear her side of the story. If you don’t want to see her, you can always give her a buzz and just explain things to her over the phone. Do not just disappear because that’s rude and nobody deserves to be treated like that. Maybe she wants you to know something important and it’s not wrong to give her a few minutes of your time because that will prove that you are mature enough to handle the situation.

Don’t Threaten Her

You might be surprised if your Sugar Baby doesn’t want to agree with your idea of parting ways with her. She might be enjoying her life as your SB, but you, on the other hand, can’t seem to find satisfaction in being her SD anymore. So if you decide to end things with her, she might want to differ. Don’t try to frighten her away by saying things that will threaten her. The fact that she still wants to be your Baby just shows that she thinks you are a great person. If you try to threaten her, she might want to do the same to you and you won’t like the outcome of that, for sure. There are a lot of good things you can think of that you can tell your past SB. Start by thanking her and saying that she was the best Sugar Baby you’ve ever had. Even if this is not true, it will help her have a positive mind and will prevent her from wreaking havoc. Try to ask her to be calm and then explain your reasons why you want out of the arrangement. Anyone in their sane mind would understand this.

Be Honest

Whatever your reasons are, you have to tell your Sugar Baby why you want to leave her. It shouldn’t be something like, “I just don’t want this anymore,” because she will not accept that and it will leave her wondering if she did something wrong. It’s your right to have your freedom back, but at the same time, it’s her right to know why you’re ending the arrangement. Your Sugar Baby might just be worried about you and maybe bothering you is her way of saying that she cares. If you are annoyed by her, tell her and be honest about it. Being honest is not only beneficial when it comes to breaking up with your SB, but also with everyday life. She will understand the situation and you will avoid feeling guilty. You don’t have to bring up her past mistakes when you’re discussing the breakup with her. Be careful in choosing your words and just use a gentle tone of voice when you’re speaking.

Move On

Forgetting about the ugly past and focusing on the beauty that tomorrow has to offer is the best way to move on. Don’t force yourself to get back with your SB if you don’t really want to. Or if you are the one who wants to get back with her and she doesn’t want to, don’t force her. Learn to forget about her together with the memories you spent together. This might not be too easy, but it’s the only way you’d become better. There are a lot of other Sugar Babies out there who might be better than your previous ones in one way or another.

Leaving a person behind is never going to be easy. You have to be extra careful because you don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings. They might have caused you a lot of trouble or pain before, but you have to say goodbye to the horrible past and look forward to the bright future ahead—with a new Sugar Baby by your side.

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