Brown Sugar: How To Sugar Like a Pro as a Woman of Color

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Are you a young, beautiful woman of color who also aspires to be a sugar baby one day? If so, you’ll definitely want to be aware of a few misconceptions surrounding the idea of living life in the sugar bowl. One of the biggest is that distinguished, generous older men are only interested in dating white Barbie clones with blonde hair, blue eyes, and impossible body proportions.

This couldn’t actually be further from the truth. The sugar daddies who populate the sugar bowl are as diverse and varied in their tastes as everyone else. Some may have a thing for busty blondes with blue eyes, but others actually far prefer beautiful black women, sexy Latinas, and other women of color. Here’s how you can use your status as a woman of color to your advantage when seeking an arrangement with your first sugar daddy.

Put It Right Out There

When you’ve got something going for you that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, it always pays to advertise it. You can rest easy in the knowledge that someone out there is looking for exactly what you’re offering whether that’s a quirky personality or the exotic good looks that only a brown sugar baby can bring to the table.

Catching the right set of eyes isn’t just about taking profile photos that show off your assets in the best possible light either (although that definitely helps). Make sure you’re putting together your sugaring profile in such a way that it showcases your status as a woman of color, as opposed to downplaying it. It’ll be that much easier for daddies interested in sweet, sweet brown sugar to find you.

Approach the Right Guys

Of course, not every sugar baby is into waiting patiently for potential sugar daddies to talk to her. If you’re the type who knows what she wants when she sees it and prefers being proactive about her dating life, more power to you. Just save yourself a headache or two by being discriminating about who you approach.

In the sugar bowl, both daddies and babies alike tend to be pretty specific about what they’re looking for in a potential match. That said, it pays to read profiles carefully to make sure a given daddy is the right fit for you before you waste your time. Of course, no one’s saying you can’t message a daddy who seems to prefer pale, willowy white women or who has interests that are way out of your wheelhouse, but you’ll probably have better luck focusing on those who can really appreciate what you bring to the table.

Expand Your Own Horizons

Speaking of exploring possibilities that take you out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to think outside the usual racial boxes yourself. While it’s fine if you prefer to date within your own race or have a specific preference as far as what you’re looking for in a would-be sugar daddy, sometimes it pays to make sure you’re not overlooking something really special because it’s not quite what you’re used to.

Interracial romances aren’t just hot these days. They can be exciting experiences that encourage both people involved to grow on a variety of different levels – a perfect possibility to consider if you’re already looking into sugaring for a change of pace. In other words, don’t write a possible sugar daddy off simply because he’s not the same color as the guys you’d normally date. The whole point of sugar dating in the first place is to explore new horizons, right?

Love Yourself

Most importantly of all, it’s essential to get rid of any lingering hang-ups you might have when it comes to your own unique brand of beauty. Stop trying to be just like everyone else. Don’t fall into toxic thinking that says lighter skin is somehow better or more desirable than darker skin. What features make you unique? Play them up and rock them proudly without shame or embarrassment.

At the end of the day, confidence is truly the most attractive feature a sugar baby can have. The best, most desired babies are completely comfortable in their own skins on a level daddies can’t help but notice. Is your confidence up to snuff?

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