6 Things a First Time Sugar Daddy Need To Know

“There is always a first time for everything.” This saying has probably been told to a lot of first-timers out there who showed signs of hesitation before actually doing what they wanted to do. It’s not even surprising that this motto works like magic because it really makes sense. When it comes to sugar dating, people often wonder if it’s worth the shot. All the gentlemen out there who are interested in entering the world of this type of arrangement should not think twice if they seek to become happier and if they desire to experience more exciting things in their life. If you were asked the question “Do you want to please and be pleased?” most probably you would respond with a yes in the fastest and surest way you could. If that’s true, then maybe it’s time to find your potential Sugar Baby now.

Understand the Concept of Sugar Dating

First things first. You need to be able to grasp the real meaning of sugar dating in order to become the best Sugar Daddy in the world. Sugar dating or sugar relationship is a mutual arrangement between the Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy, wherein the daddy provides assistance to the baby either financially, emotionally, psychologically or all of the aforementioned aspects combined. It is important to keep in mind that this type of arrangement is mutual and both of you should be satisfied. It doesn’t matter if you want to be in an arrangement with your SB for just a month or a year or two, as long as she agrees. Sugar dating is not like a normal relationship. Sure, you can go out for dinner, go on a vacation, be intimate and spend time together but entering into this type of arrangement should never cause either party personal or professional problems.

Know What You Want in a Sugar Baby

If you go to a department store randomly without any idea of what you want to buy, it will probably take hours before you can actually decide what you should get. But if you already know what items you want to get, it will be easy-peasy. Same is true with sugar dating. You should have your ideal SB in mind so it will be easier for you to hunt for one and get into an arrangement with her. Once you’ve fixed your eyes on a particular SB, don’t hesitate to talk to her—be honest and discuss your terms with her. There are thousands of available SBs out there who are waiting to be pursued by you. So no need to worry, you will be able to find the perfect baby for you eventually.

Be Generous

As mentioned earlier, the Sugar Daddy is the one who provides for the Sugar Baby. So you would really want to be generous for your SB to stay with you. Although sugar dating is not all about money, SBs have their needs, too. You should be able to fulfill your duty as the SD by giving them their wants and needs all the time. Your Sugar Baby should be treated like a princess, after all. If you do this, your SB will reward you with amazing things—some of which you might never even imagine to be possible. Being generous doesn’t always need to involve money, too. You can be unselfish by giving them attention and care as well—anything that will make them happy and satisfied.

Tell Your SB What Pleases You

Sugar Babies find it really sexy and attractive if the Sugar Daddy knows what’s pleasurable for them and what’s not. It will not only be beneficial for you but for the SB as well. Things will go smoothly and stress-free if you are open and honest about the things that please you. Whatever those things are, your SB will most likely be more than willing to do it for you—no questions asked. Moreover, they will be able to avoid doing or saying things you don’t favor and that’s an advantage for you—that means less thorn in your flesh.

Take Things Slow

It’s ugly if you force someone to do the things you want them to do, especially if they’re not up for it. If you finally have your dream SB, do not immediately engage them in activities that you think they’re not ready for yet; or things they’ll never be ready for. Ask them and be polite in doing so. If they said no, don’t hurt them physically or verbally, but be accepting. Give them time, especially if they’re also new to being an SB and sugar dating. If you think their refusal means not being able to satisfy you, then you could always get out of the arrangement anytime you wish.

Understand Your SB’s Wants and Needs

You are not the only one who should always be satisfied with this type of arrangement. Your SB’s wants and needs should always be taken care of because that’s the main reason why they got into sugar dating. However, you can easily identify if your SB is being too demanding and if you don’t like that, you can stop being her Sugar Daddy. If your Sugar Baby is a student, naturally, they will need more time for their studies and they might turn you down sometimes because of exams. Don’t be disappointed because you were the one who chose her in the first place. Just be open-minded and understanding.

You will not immediately master the art of being the world’s greatest Sugar Daddy, but if you try your best, your Sugar Baby will do the rest. Just do what you think is right and always remember that sugar dating is supposed to be fun and exciting—free from stress and anxiety. The importance of the arrangement is that the expectations and behaviors are clearly laid out between you and your SB. Both of you should be able to get what you really want out of the relationship, so honesty and trust are essential.

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