5 Ways to Show Your Sugar Baby that You Care

In any kind of relationship, showing that you care means appreciating not only the other person but also the relationship itself. When it comes to sugar dating, the Sugar Daddy should always make certain that their Sugar Baby is valued and mollycoddled. SBs do everything they can to satisfy the SD, so it’s only fair to return the favor by treating them like a queen. Sugar Babies are indeed outstanding because they seem to naturally know how to make things sizzling hot and exciting for the both of you. No matter how big or small, your Sugar Baby will be grateful for the effort that you exert for them. They will never question your idea of making them happy because that’s what Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies do for each other. If they notice that you are being a little extra, they might even reward you.

Surprise Them with Unexpected Gifts

The element of surprise never fails to bring out the best in every person. It’s never going to be wrong to buy your Sugar Baby surprise gifts to make them feel a lot more special. Sometimes, it’s okay to spoil your SB, especially if they’re being really obedient, sweet and kind. You don’t really have to spend a fortune because simple gifts can put a huge smile on their face. You can absolutely order flowers for them, give them teddy bears, or if you already know your SB so well, you can actually buy them their favorite book, magazine, cosmetics, outfit or anything that they’re crazy about. It doesn’t have to be Christmas, or their birthday, graduation or anything, you can hand them surprise gifts all year round and you never have to worry if they will like it or not because no one can resist the sweetness behind surprises.

Take Her Out to a Movie Date / Concert

You might think that asking her to go out with you to a movie or concert date is lame. But in fact, it’s probably one of the most enjoyable things for her. She’s younger than you, so she enjoys doing these things more than you probably do. But this doesn’t mean you’re not going to enjoy these activities with her, because watching movies and going to a concert could be entertaining for people of all ages. Sometimes, you may not be impressed with a particular movie or band/artist she likes but the thought of her being happy, because she’s actually there to see it for herself, will make her want to satisfy you even more. It’s not about what movie you saw or which bands/artists you watched perform, but it’s about the enjoyment you both got afterward. You might have (once or twice) taken your SB to a formal gathering or meeting and without any objection, she went there with you. If you think about it, it’s the same as taking her out to do things she enjoys doing.

Be Her Emotional Support When She Needs It

Sugar dating is not all about pleasing each other physically; it’s also being there to provide emotional support for them. Even though she appears tough and optimistic most of the time, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t undergo problems or struggles. You might say that sugar dating should not involve any kind of emotion, but that’s not always true. If either of you is feeling down, the other person will want to lighten up the mood by doing things that will cheer them up—or simply just be present there with them. You’re not going to enjoy the arrangement if your SB is always lonely anyway. She’s not going to be able to do her best for you if she’s not feeling like herself. So help her out by bringing her back to her high spirits. Tell her you’re there for her and she’s not alone, be the one to initiate a conversation even though you’re not really a talker, or try to offer her affectionate embraces and kisses.

Compliment Her Looks, Studies or Work Ethics

Words are powerful and can impact a person greatly. If you say something hurtful to your SB, she will probably leave you in a heartbeat. However, if you say something nice about her, she will definitely react positively. You can always give cute little compliments about her eyes, hair, lips or outfit for the day, and you will witness how a smile can make her even more beautiful. If she’s still a student, you can say nice things about her determination and intelligence. If you think she liked it, you can ask a few more questions about her studies and from there, you can give her more praises; just try to avoid sounding sarcastic. And if she’s already working, you might want to flatter her by saying that she’s a hard worker, or just simply commend her for her employment despite the fact that you are helping her pay her bills. At least she didn’t choose to be a couch potato.

Give Her Back Rubs and Massages

After a long day at work or school, you might want to give your Sugar Baby attention by giving her gentle back rubs and massages. Even though she might not ask for it, just go ahead and don’t even bother asking permission from her. Anybody who is tired would want to be given a nice and gentle massage. Don’t think that she might get offended if you just did it without her consent because you’d be actually doing her a favor. This could even be an activity that both of you will enjoy. This will promote intimacy and will allow you to touch her body and please her. In return, you could ask her to do the same for you so there’s no need to think twice.

There are still ten dozen different things out there that you can try to show how much you care about your beautiful Sugar Baby. Remember, you are the only one who can determine if your SB is worth being pampered so be sure to have a good judgment.

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