5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sugar Babies

Some people have a narrow outlook on sugar dating, and of course, Sugar Babies. But most of the time, a lot of what people think about Sugar Babies are myths. They’re basically assuming that all SBs have the same traits, and people think that their main (or only) goal is to acquire the Sugar Daddy’s wealth and possessions. You might think that you know everything about Sugar Babies, but there’s always something new to discover about them. SBs are often judged by people based on stereotypes that were developed by society itself. Unfortunately, many people choose to consider it to be truthful without even trying to verify if the hackneyed ideas are factual. Sometimes, the reason why pathetic people love to gossip about other people is that they feel insecure and they might also want what other people have that they don’t. Sugar Babies are always the victim of gossips and misinterpretations, which is really unfortunate.

They Have Daytime Jobs, Too

Not all SBs are jobless—most of them are either studying or employed. They are not full-time Sugar Babies who do nothing but sit and wait for their Sugar Daddy to give them cash. You might not even realize that the person you see walking down the street is actually a Sugar Baby. A lot of SBs are working in an office, production company, grocery store or any type of business establishments, really. Some of them even have college degrees or have at least graduated from high school without any complications. They got into sugar dating because they need outside support and self-improvement. Maybe their salary is not enough to pay their bills, or maybe it is enough but they need more financial support for other activities that they need to do or other things they need to purchase for themselves.

They are Not Gold-Diggers

Contrary to what others might think, Sugar Babies are not gold-diggers. Some people might believe that sugar dating is all about money—giving and receiving it. But it’s actually more than that. SBs won’t waste their time on a Sugar Daddy if they’re not really into them. Another misconception is that when it comes to sugar dating, the attraction is always usually one-sided—with the older SD being attracted to the younger SB physically and the SB simply being in it for money. SBs don’t start an arrangement with people they’re not attracted to. It’s difficult to spend time with someone whom you’re disgusted with, or someone you can’t stand seeing and being with. Real connections could even be established with sugar dating and it’s not impossible to happen—because it’s actually happening. Some may agree with the saying “Money makes the world go round,” but that’s not always the case. Real happiness comes from within and it’s found when two people unite for the same goal and purpose.

They are Just Like Anyone Else

Sugar Babies are just normal people, as well. They are not weird selfish people who want nothing but their own happiness. They also offer a lot to the Sugar Daddy and sometimes they give more than they receive. SBs are people who are selfless—they want to always keep their SD happy and satisfied. A good Sugar Baby will not always expect something in return. For example, the Daddy comes home from a tiring day at work and the Baby offers him a back massage, she should not demand money or gifts before giving him a massage, yet she should do her best so the Daddy will be satisfied with her performance.

They Don’t Promote Breakups If the SD is Married

In sugar dating, the Sugar Daddy is not always single. Sometimes, they are in a serious relationship with another woman or they’re married. Some SDs let their partner know about the sugar arrangement but it’s obviously very risky, especially if their partner is jealous and insecure. Sugar Babies are mostly okay with the idea of being with a married or in a relationship Sugar Daddy. They won’t steal the SD’s time away from his partner (or family). Instead, the Baby will understand the situation and will not make a big deal out of it. Most especially, SBs won’t promote breakups whenever the SD is having some difficult time with their partner (or even when they’re not). They should never interfere with the daddy’s personal decisions considering the fact that the SD will not do the same to hers. Some SBs are comfortable with knowing who the SD’s wife or partner is, and they would even be willing to spend time with them—only if the partner knows about the arrangement, that is.

They Are Wiser Than You Think

Sugar Babies don’t just randomly choose who their Sugar Daddy is going to be. There are men out there who label themselves as Sugar Daddies but they really aren’t. They would lie and make their profiles look as legitimate as possible to get women. But fortunately, Sugar Babies are wise enough to discern whether or not a potential Sugar Daddy is fake. They could do background checks and other forms of research in order to prove the real identity of the POT SD. This might sound far-fetched because Sugar Daddies are often the ones who conduct researches given that there are a number of fake SBs out there—the ones who just want money. But babies also experience meeting a charlatan instead of a generous Sugar Daddy. This just proves that bad things can happen if you aren’t wise.

It is indeed easier to judge someone than to spend time knowing the truth. But if you place yourself in other people’s shoes, you wouldn’t also want to be regarded as something or someone you’re not. Truly knowing the story and life of a POT SB will help prevent misjudgments and misconceptions from being formed. Sugar Babies shouldn’t be looked down upon because they are also humans like everybody else—they have feelings, goals, aspirations and they are also unique in their own way.

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