5 Signs She’s Not the Right Sugar Baby for You

Before getting into sugar dating, the Sugar Daddy should know what he wants in a Sugar Baby. But truly, SDs are just limited to what they can see in the SB’s profile. Appearance-wise, it’s going to be easy considering the fact that their pictures are going to be there. But even if they wrote positive things about themselves in their profile, it’s not always going to be factual. Some daddies make the mistake of choosing the nearly-perfect Sugar Babies but they end but being the worst ones eventually. Searching for your ideal SB can be considered difficult because they could be non-existent. You might either end up being with an alright SB or an evil one. Anyway, you don’t deserve to suffer because of your SB, so if you think she’s giving you more headaches than satisfaction, leave her and go find a better one. Keep your eyes open and be observant—don’t let them control you.

If She Only Cares About the Money

There is a misconception that sugar dating is all about money. But you probably know by now that this is false because you should be getting something in return from your baby, too. Of course, you could spoil her every now and then with gifts (or even money), but she should be able to return the favor by keeping you satisfied. It’s easy to identify that she only cares about your money if she constantly asks for cash every time you meet each other, or if she asks for extra bucks even after you already gave her allowance. Some SBs are too materialistic, too. They would ask for a lot of unreasonable requests from you and sometimes, you can’t really say no to them. That’s when you’ll know that she’s a huge mistake. An ideal Sugar Baby doesn’t ask for too much—they wait until the daddy gives them their allowance and gifts and they make sure that their Sugar Daddy is well taken care of.

If She’s a Liar

It’s not difficult to tell if someone’s lying or if they’re actually being truthful. You could take note of their tone of voice, body language or eye contact. If you notice that your Sugar Baby frequently lies to you about certain things, then she’s 100% not the right SB for you. For example, if she’s lying about her refusal to see you or about that extra cash she requested. You know that she has her own life out of the arrangement but it’s not right to lie about the reason why she rejects you sometimes. You also need to confirm if she’s telling the truth about her identity. For instance, if she says she’s a student, verify if she’s actually enrolled. It’s important to clarify that honesty is required in order for the sugar relationship to last. If she always lies about things, then clearly, she doesn’t want the relationship to last any longer—give her what she wants, then.

If She Loves Starting Drama

You wanted to be in a sugar arrangement because you probably hate drama. Unfortunately, if your SB loves starting drama, you’re basically doomed. It’s annoying if she just makes a fuss about the littlest things—she doesn’t deserve you if she doesn’t understand you. Sometimes you might be too busy at work and you have to work extra hours. An understanding SB would not be furious about this, otherwise, she’s someone you need to dump. You’ve got a lot of things on your plate and you don’t need any more stress in your life in the form of a Sugar Baby. Handling your own life could be a challenge in itself. Don’t make it harder by staying with an SB who happens to be a drama queen.

If She’s Always Too Busy

There’s no point in holding on to a one-sided relationship. If you are a Sugar Daddy who loves spending time with his Sugar Baby every day, then you might have experienced rejection from your SB maybe once or twice (or more than that). If you have made it clear in the start that you wanted to see her every day and she agreed, she must abide by it, or else you have a reason to leave her. However, if she has valid reasons, you have to understand her. But anyone can easily tell if they’re just being used by someone. If she would rather spend time with her friends than with you, ask her why—listen to her. If you think she’s just making foolish excuses, it’s time to look for another SB. She should be making time for you because you’re the one helping her financially, not her friends.

If You Feel Jealous of Her Boyfriend / Other Relationships

Sugar Babies have the freedom to be in a romantic relationship outside of the sugar arrangement. But this depends upon the Sugar Daddy himself. If the SD prohibits outside relationship, then the Baby must adhere to the Daddy’s rules. However, if you are the type of SD who allows outside relationship, then that could be a little daunting on your part. The reason for this is because you have to share your SB with another man. She might prefer spending time with her boyfriend rather than with you, or she might completely dump you because of him. Feeling jealous is not the best feeling in the world. So if you think you’re beginning to feel uncomfortable about her having a romantic connection with someone else, discuss it with her. If she chooses you over the other guy, then you can continue being her SD, but if she said she’s choosing the both of you, that’s a hoax so don’t fall for it—leave her.

You are always going to make the decision for yourself and for the sugar relationship you’re currently a part of. Be wise and try to become more aware of what’s happening around you, as well. Don’t let the wrong SB stay with you and use you for your money, looks or for something else that you have. Know when to let go of your SB and when to start a new arrangement with a much better POT SB.

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