Review – Old Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Great

When it comes to a product or service, it’s normal for people to pick a brand that has been around for a long time. Many people think that if a business has been around for many years, it must be doing something right, or it must have tons of regular customers. But does this hold true for, a sugar dating website that has been around for over 17 years?

The website claims to have successfully helped both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies find a mutually beneficial relationship. But before you allow yourself to get lured by this claim, read on to find out more about this pioneering sugar dating website.

Initial Thoughts

Sugar Daddy Meet has a simple yet legitimate-feeling web design. You can really tell it’s been around for over a decade; it looks reputable and is not cluttered with sketchy ads or even photos of Sugar Babies, unlike many of its competitors. This means that you won’t have to worry about browsing the website in public since it literally looks like your regular dating site. You can browse as much as you want with peace of mind that no one will judge you if they ever happen to see what you’re looking at on your screen.

The combination of colors used by the site doesn’t hurt the eyes at all. You can spend hours on the website without feeling like you have to get away from your gadget to give your eyes a little break.

Browsing the Site

You won’t have problems navigating the site as the design is made with the average computer user in mind. The homepage utilizes a scroll design, which means you just need to scroll down to read more about the site. At the bottom, you will see a list of clickable links—each of which will take you to the corresponding information that you want to read.

Scrolling down the homepage, you’ll be shown the number of active members they have, the number of Sugar Daddies and the number of Sugar Babies. At the time of writing, the site currently has 258,830+ Sugar Daddies and 1,120,876+ Sugar Babies. This gives you a huge advantage when it comes to looking for a Sugar Baby, as there are many more Sugar Babies on the site than Sugar Daddies. You can click on “Browse Sugar Babies” to see potential Babies on the site. However, you will only be able to view their photos once you sign up.

Scrolling further down, you’ll see a list of unique features. After the list of unique features, you’ll see the Success Stories part, followed by some company information, then the footer section, which contains the links previously mentioned.

Signing Up

Making an account on is rather easy. You can either click “Sign Up” in the top right corner or click “Find My Match” on the homepage. Either one takes you to the sign-up page where you will be asked whether to sign up using Facebook or with your email. You might want to sign up using your email if you don’t want the risk of having your sugar dating adventures found out by people you know on Facebook. After that, you’ll have to create your profile by filling in the required information. You’ll have to agree to their Service Agreement and Privacy Policy for your profile to be created.

Once you have an account, you can view the Sugar Baby listings available in your given area. Note that you’ll need to upgrade your account in order to have full access to all their 30+ premium features, including the ability to initiate and respond to messages, chat online, propose first date gift, see when a person was last active, search listings using advanced keywords, find out who has viewed you/favorited you/liked your photo, compatible matches and many more. You can view all of these once you click the “Upgrade Now” button.

Sugar Baby Listings

Even though as a non-paying member, you have access to the blog, the forum and over a million Sugar Baby listings, it’s still pretty much useless because you can’t send or receive messages from Sugar Babies. And even if you do pay for a subscription, you may be dismayed by the high number of Sugar Babies not responding to your messages. Apparently, it’s a common issue among paying members.

Not only that, it seems many of the listings on the site lack credibility. So even though the site says they have over a million Sugar Babies and you see tons of listings when browsing, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are who they say they are. They may not even be real. It’s pretty hard to confirm, and it’s definitely a department is lacking in.

Since there’s no way to confirm the identity of the members, there’s a high chance that Sugar Daddies like you will be scammed or catfished. Many users who reviewed the site have raised this concern. Apparently, many Sugar Babies misrepresent their photos and lie about their age, location, vital statistics, etc. It goes the same for Sugar Daddies—there are some who lie about their income levels and marital status, which can discourage genuine Sugar Babies from joining the site.

And that’s not all. There have been instances of Sugar Babies making unfair demands and not holding up their end of the bargain. There are even Sugar Babies who expect to be given money in exchange for intimate photos, which honestly, isn’t even remotely close to sugar dating. This sounds more like mild prostitution, if anything.

Fees and Billing

The site’s subscription fee is pretty high for something that rarely ever provides great results. For a one-month subscription, you have to pay $50, which you can do so with your credit card, your PayPal account or Bank Check or Money Order. It’s only $90 for a three-month subscription and $144 for a six-month subscription. Sounds like a good deal, right? But don’t be fooled. We’ve discovered that a good chunk of the paying members still got billed even after canceling their subscriptions. One person continued to be billed for several months after receiving confirmation of subscription cancellation. Even those who try the 3-day trial aren’t safe from this site. One guy who did the trial ended up paying for a full membership he didn’t want or actively get.

Conclusion – Rating: 2

Avoid this site at all costs. They may be a pioneer in the business, but the site itself is questionable and seems to only care about profit. The website obviously doesn’t value its paying members—no proper screening, no moderators, no protection from scammers and catfishers. You’re better off taking your $50 elsewhere.

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