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Sugar dating relationships may be more common and accepted by society now, but finding a reputable sugar dating website that guarantees good results continues to be difficult. There are just so many of them now and you have to read about each and every one of them and maybe even try them just to see if they’re worth your time. In most cases, you’ll be left disappointed and questioning whether it’s really worth all the trouble to find the Sugar Baby of your dreams. Well, it is—after all, a relationship with the perfect Sugar Baby will bring you nothing but happiness.

Fortunately, like with everything else, the sugar dating website business doesn’t only have terrible sites that are out to scam you. There are also websites like that truly cares about its members and produces good results. Read on to know what we have to say about them.

Initial Thoughts

One Google search and plenty of positive reviews about will turn up. That’s a good sign—it means that many different sources can vouch for Seeking Arrangement. Apparently, not only is it a good sugar dating website for the Sugar Daddies, it’s also pretty good for the Sugar Babies, which means that it will only attract even more Sugar Babies and therefore there will be more of them to choose from.

The website design looks very legitimate and professional—definitely one of the best website designs for a sugar dating site. It’s simple and clean, free of unnecessary distractions that could make the experience confusing for Sugar Daddies. But more importantly, the homepage doesn’t have any nude photos of a Sugar Baby—a problem that many sugar dating sites have yet to solve. The homepage even has a link to the Sugar Baby listings, which allows Sugar Daddies to explore the available Sugar Babies before signing up. The display photos of the listings are pretty clean so you’ll have no problem browsing the website in public, although some are somewhat seductive. It basically looks like your average dating site.

Browsing the Site

There’s not much to see on the homepage of Seeking Arrangement. They have a link to a “How it Works” page and “About Us” page at the top, and the footer section at the bottom has a link to their blog. We’ll touch more on this in the next section.

Signing Up

Sign up by clicking on “Join Free” in the top right corner of the page. You’ll be asked for your gender as well as your preferred gender of the Sugar Babies, then you’ll be asked to enter your email address. After choosing your username, you’ll have the option to upload your photo; enter some details about yourself like your birthday, location, height, body type, level of education, occupation, net worth, normal spending habits, annual income; and add other information to your profile. If you don’t feel like entering the details, you can skip doing it and just get to it later. Next, they’ll remind you to verify your email. And at last, you can start browsing the Sugar Baby listings on the site.

As for the site’s navigation and ease of use, it’s actually pretty simple and you’ll learn it in no time. At the top, you’ll see the search feature, your inbox and interests. Since the page already shows you a list of Sugar Babies, all you need to do is start browsing. You can also filter the results. Search options include photos, college, members who’ve viewed you, members you’ve viewed, members who’ve favorited you, body type, age, education, relationship status and many more. If you want to upgrade your account to take advantage of the premium features, just click on “Upgrade” in the top right corner.

The site allows you to send 10 messages free of charge. If you want to send more, you’re going to have to upgrade to the premium membership. This is actually one of the rare sites that will allow you to send messages before paying for a subscription, although you can only do it 10 times. The even greater thing is that, if after sending 10 messages, you don’t think the site is for you, you can stop using it without any regrets since you haven’t paid for a subscription yet.

Sugar Baby Listings

This is where Seeking Arrangement truly shines. While it does have a pretty good web design and navigation is seamless, the Sugar Baby listings are what makes it stand out from its competitors. The members are real people who will respond pretty quickly if you message them. No reports of fake profiles whatsoever. This means that your time will be spent on actually communicating with real potential Sugar Babies and you’ll be able to find a Sugar Baby much faster than if you were using a different website. Additionally, there are so many Sugar Babies on the site that there are basically four Sugar Babies for every Sugar Daddy. This significantly increases your chances of finding an ideal match.

Not only that, you’ll find it easier to find the Sugar Baby of your dreams because of the advanced search features that will allow you to search Babies according to their personal appearance, lifestyle and background. And if you’re looking for college students, all the more reason to join Seeking Arrangement—they have a lot of college students on the site, and like every other Sugar Baby on there, they’re serious about finding a Sugar Daddy. They’re not going toy with you or lead you on. They want to find their Sugar Daddy fast so they can start a relationship with him.

Fees and Billing

Being able to use Seeking Arrangement’s premium features doesn’t come cheap, but that’s to be expected from a reputable site that can offer great results. A monthly premium costs a staggering $89.95, with the three-month and six-month premiums costing $79.95/month and $69.95/month respectively. That’s more expensive than possibly most of the sugar dating sites in the business. But then again, it will be worth every penny as you’re more or less guaranteed to find one or two Sugar Babies on the site.

Conclusion – Rating: 4

It’s refreshing to see a more than decent sugar dating site in a sea of awful, scammy sugar dating sites. Seeking Arrangement is a no-fuss sugar dating website that takes customer satisfaction seriously. Many Sugar Daddies and Babies have been able to find and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship wherein the Daddy takes good care of the Baby’s financial needs and the Baby keeps the Daddy satisfied in all areas of their arrangement. If there’s one sugar dating website out there that’s worth your money, it’s Seeking Arrangement. We highly recommend it to both new and seasoned Sugar Daddies.

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