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You will encounter different kinds of sugar dating websites as you search for the right one to use to find your ideal Sugar Baby. You may have already encountered the pioneer websites that have been around for over a decade yet for some reason have a bad reputation in the business. You may have tried the newer ones with easy to use, modern web designs. You probably have heard of sketchy sugar dating sites that seem to look more like a porn site than a sugar dating site. And here, you’ll learn about a legitimate-looking sugar dating site, which seems to have a good reputation…at first. Keep reading why is only good on the surface.

Initial Thoughts

Upon hearing or seeing the website name, anyone’s first impression would be that it’s truly a website made for wealthy Sugar Daddies looking for attractive Sugar Babies. A European-based sugar dating website, Rich Meet Beautiful has operations in over 40 countries. This looks pretty promising. Rich Meet Beautiful must be an impressive sugar dating website if it has successfully branched out to 40 countries, right? And perhaps it is impressive in select locations, but it’s highly unlikely that it’s able to satisfy all its members from all across the globe, seeing as the user reviews we can find about the site on the Internet are very few.

Browsing the Site

Looking at the web design, you can really tell they put in a lot of effort into making the site look good. It looks modern and pleasing to the eye, and while the homepage does contain a lot of information (more information than your average sugar dating site, in fact), they’re all well-organized so it won’t give a first-time user a headache. When you first open the site, you’ll be greeted by a glamorous background featuring a handsome, well-dressed Sugar Daddy and his gorgeous Sugar Baby standing in front of a collage of expensive-looking hotels, cars and a yacht. The image it’s trying to project is pretty obvious—it’s a website connecting rich, older people with younger, attractive matches.

Navigation is seamless—just scroll down to read more information and at the bottom there’s a footer section that contains links to several pages, such as “About us”, “How it works”, “Feedback”, “FAQ”, “Blog”, “Privacy Statement”, “Terms of Use” and “Contact Us”. Reading the homepage, you’ll be surprised to know that Rich Meet Beautiful does not only cater to Sugar Daddies and female Sugar Babies, but also Sugar Mamas and male Sugar Babies. If one of their goals is to promote gender equality in the sugar dating world and the fact that women can be a provider too then they’re doing a pretty good job.

Signing Up

Signing up for an account is as easy as 123. You can either create an account by simply logging in with your Facebook account or by clicking on “TRY FOR FREE AND ANONYMOUSLY”. You’re then asked for your gender, whether you’re a Sugar Daddy or Baby, the gender you’re interested in, your email address, desired username, password, date of birth, and more shockingly, your net worth and annual income. Click on “Continue” and your account is made, although you have to confirm your email address before you can actually do anything. Finishing your profile only takes a few minutes.

Rich Meet Beautiful is actually pretty great when it comes to site features. While finishing your profile, it’ll ask you to upload a photo, which you can either skip or do, and if you decide to upload a photo, you’ll have the option to use their Anonymizer tools to stay anonymous. You can either use the editor to blur or mask the photo, or put it on private mode so only the people you allow to view can view your photo.

With a free account, you can do a limited search (by distance, age, new members, favorites and online members), view a full profile and see the distance between you and the member, send a wink and add someone to your favorites. If a member’s profile entry, such as relationship status or education, is empty, you can click on “Ask” and they will get a message informing them that you’d like to know more about them. Unfortunately, as the Sugar Daddy, you’ll need a paid subscription to be able to read and send messages and view visits, gifts and flirts.

Sugar Baby Listings

As stated previously, Rich Meet Beautiful is only good on the surface. While it does have an excellent web design and navigation, its listings terribly fail in comparison. Why? Because there aren’t that many  Sugar Babies from the United States. What’s the point of signing up for an account if there’s barely anyone to talk to in your area? While the site may boast that it has a lot of members, these members aren’t limited to Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies. Remember that the site also caters to Sugar Mamas and male Sugar Babies. If you’re interested in a long-distance relationship with a Sugar Baby, however, the odds may be in your favor. But then again, what’s the point of that?

In addition, one user has complained about the females on the website saying that many of them claimed to be from the United States when they are, in fact, from a different country like Ghana or Nigeria. The user claims that their poor English gave it away. This basically means that a lot of girls on the site are catfishing the guys, meaning, fooling the guys into thinking they’re who they say they are. And now you can clearly see the site for what it truly is.

Fees and Billing

The site’s premium subscription is pretty expensive for something that doesn’t offer much. It’s €39.99 for a one-month membership, €29.99/month for three months, €19.99/month for six months (the most popular option), and €14.99/month for 12 months. If you’re gonna shell out some money for a dating site, you’re better off doing that elsewhere.

Conclusion – Rating: 2

We had high hopes for Rich Meet Beautiful, but it only disappointed us in the end. Obviously, they have spent a lot of money to lure in potential Sugar Daddies, and they’re probably actually trying to offer a good service. To be fair, some of their features are actually kind of great. But they have to improve the number of their American Sugar Baby members as well as their screening process if they want their American clientele to buy a subscription. Maybe it’s time they considered finding a way to lure in Sugar Babies and stopped focusing too much on luring in Sugar Daddies.

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