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You probably initially thought that millionaire dating sites have only started turning up in recent years, but that’s not actually the case. At least not for, a dating site designed with millionaires in mind, which has been around for 17 years. The company claims it’s an elite club and the best millionaire dating site. But is it really? It’s easy for literally any website to claim that it’s the best, but so far, it seems that Millionaire Match is, indeed, one of the best dating sites around. It has a few issues which is why we don’t consider it the best in the business. Learn what they are below.

Initial Thoughts

First and foremost, Millionaire Match clarifies that it is not a site for those looking for a sugar daddy relationship, and that those looking for one should go to But don’t let this discourage you from joining. Even though it doesn’t specifically cater to Sugar Daddies, there’s still a probability of you finding a relationship with a Sugar Baby.

Reputation-wise, the website seems exceptional at first glance, boasting the fact that it’s been featured on CNN, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and many more. The website itself is all right—it could definitely improve in some ways. The web design doesn’t have a “millionaire” feel and just looks like your ordinary dating site. In fact, there are plenty of other sites with a better design. But it doesn’t have those annoying nude photos of women on the homepage so there’s that.

Browsing the Site

Navigation is seamless since the site is very user-friendly. It’s not confusing nor loaded with tons of disorganized information like some other dating sites, especially sugar dating sites. All the useful links are in the footer section, which include “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “FAQ”, “Success Stories”, “Service Agreement”, “Private Policy”; a list of the company’s unique features which you can’t view until you sign up; and a few more other links.

Signing Up

You can sign up using your Facebook account or by email. If you want to use your email, just click on “JOIN NOW” on the homepage. Now there are two options—signing up as a single who makes $200k/year and as an attractive single looking for successful singles. If your income doesn’t qualify, or you simply aren’t a millionaire, you can just sign up as an attractive single. You just won’t have a special badge that indicates you’re a millionaire—more on that later.

The actual sign-up process is pretty easy—just fill out the form and provide all the necessary details and agree to their terms. When they ask for your annual income, you can tell the truth or pick the option that says “Prefer not to disclose.” You’ll then be asked to upload a photo, but you have the option to skip it if you want. Like many other dating sites, Millionaire Match asks you to come up with a headline, which will show up at the top of your profile as well as the search results. Unfortunately, this one’s required so you can’t skip it. Same with the “About me” and “About my match”. Your account will be ready to use after that.

Sugar Baby Listings

As already established earlier in this review, the site isn’t exactly meant for the members of the sugar dating population. But this doesn’t mean you won’t find a match. The site has over 3.5 million members, so you’re at least bound to find a few girls that could potentially be your Sugar Baby. A few minutes of browsing will show you that there are definitely many attractive girls on the site.

However, we have found a couple of issues with the members on the site. Several users have encountered scammers, gold diggers and sex workers on the site. This isn’t exactly unique to Millionaire Match alone. Most normal dating sites as well as sugar dating sites have this problem. You’re going to have to do your own research and digging to make sure you’re not talking to a scammer or a catfisher. One user tests the members who ask for his email by asking them to video chat with him. If they refuse, he immediately concludes they’re a scammer/catfisher.

One good thing is that, members who do verify their personal details get a small badge on their profile that proves the detail is verified. If you stick with contacting women who have verified profiles, you’ll less likely to get in trouble later.

Fees and Billing

While it is free to join, you need to be a Gold member to be able to take advantage of the site’s unique features. Even though it’s a dating site for millionaires, they don’t ask for huge amounts of money from you. The one-month membership is $70, the three-month one is $135 total ($45/month) and the six-month one is $240 ($40/month). You can pay with your credit or debit card, PayPal or bank check or money order.

As a standard member, you can’t initiate emails or chatting online so a free account with Millionaire Match is useless if you want to actively look for a Sugar Baby. You can, however, respond to Gold members if they initiate the conversation.

Being a Gold member comes with many benefits, such as being able to send unlimited messages to anyone, full access of their mobile app, the ability to contact a Millionaire Match counselor through live chat or email, 24/7 phone service, the ability to check if the email you sent was read, the ability to check how often a member responds, advanced search settings, being highlighted as a featured member and showing up at the top in searches, the ability to become certified millionaire (after you provide proof),  and many more. All these added features will be extremely helpful in finding your ideal woman.

Conclusion: Rating – 4

As we said earlier, we can’t say that Millionaire Match is the best millionaire dating site around. But we can, however, say that it’s at least a decent website for Sugar Daddies looking for Sugar Babies. Even though the site is advertising against sugar relationships, they can’t exactly know if a new member is a Sugar Daddy or Baby. And as long as you have a paid subscription, you’ll have access to all their useful features which can definitely help you with your Sugar Baby search. Just remember to be careful and cautious so you don’t end up in the hands of a scammer. Overall, Millionaire Match is a great dating site worth checking out regardless of whether you’re a millionaire or not.

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