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With sugar dating becoming more and more common and acceptable these days, the number of Sugar Babies looking for Sugar Daddies has skyrocketed; finding one has never been easier. But with so many sugar dating websites on the Internet, the search can also be quite time-consuming and exhausting. We at want to make this adventure easier for you, and so we’re reviewing the most popular sugar dating sites on the Internet, including

Unfortunately, we have found the company to be quite lacking in many areas. Decide for yourself whether you’d like to give it a try after reading on.

Initial Thoughts

If you’re one to get startled easily, your initial thoughts upon seeing the homepage of the site will be “Oh my god.” If you’ve already seen the site, we’re certain you’ll think this is pretty accurate. And why wouldn’t anyone be startled by it? The homepage is filled with nudes from many different women, taken in very flattering angles. If you’re a total newbie in this field and it’s your first time looking at sugar dating sites, you may be led by this to think it’s normal to see such a shocking thing on a dating site. But it’s far from normal, and this should definitely make anyone feel at least a little bit skeptical. Sugar dating isn’t some vulgar arrangement involving escorts or sex workers, or girls who like their nudes displayed all over the Internet. We can only imagine the shock and remorse men who’ve opened this website felt when they did it in someone else’s presence.

Browsing the Site

The site is far from professional-looking and just reeks of deceit. The homepage tells you in a big font: “Women You Know are Sharing Naked Pictures on Our Site!” And apparently, “Thousands of Horny Women Want to Hookup” in your city—its name displayed after the site automatically detects your location.

There’s nothing much on the homepage. You’ll have to sign up before you can look at any relevant information or look up some Sugar Baby listings.

Signing Up

To sign up, you’ll have to answer a few questions, including who you are (if you’re a man or a woman) and a couple of other sex-related questions, which again, could be quite shocking. You’re then asked if you agree to their rules, and if you do, you’ll be asked to enter your display name, password and valid email address. You can only make an account if you agree to their Terms and Privacy Policy, as well as certify that you’re over 18-years-old. You’ll then be redirected to a page where you’ll create your profile.

Don’t expect to be taken to your dashboard or your “Home” right after that. The next thing you’re gonna see is a page trying to convince you to upgrade to a premium gold account, which comes with features like live chat instant messenger, members only live cam access, the ability to view and upload unlimited photos, the ability to send and receive emails, smart match detection, and top search results placement. The page says that if you can’t hook up in three months, they’ll give you three months free.

If you decide you don’t wanna upgrade to a premium gold account yet or at all, you’ll finally be taken to your “Home”. There, you’ll have access to pages like your profile, connections, notifications, messages, the scoreboard, XXX videos, live cams, who’s online now and the search tool. On the same page, you’ll find the Sugar Baby listings as well as those who are currently online. Just like the site’s homepage background, the Sugar Baby listings have nudes as the photos.

Sugar Baby Listings’s homepage as well as the photos of the Sugar Baby listings should be enough reason to avoid this site. No Sugar Baby in her right mind would join a website that would display the nudes of its members on its homepage. On top of that, the homepage clearly says that “These chicks are looking for casual sex and discreet affairs. You may recognize them from places like work, the market, or the gym. These sexy sluts could even be your neighbors!” No Sugar Baby would like the idea of being referred to as a sexy slut, whether it be by the sugar dating website or the potential Sugar Daddies on the site. Sugar Babies have tremendous respect for themselves, and this site seems to have none for them.

But let us elaborate on how this whole website is truly a scam. First of all, you can barely do anything without a paid subscription. And when you finally get a subscription, it’s not guaranteed you’ll talk, much less meet up with any Sugar Baby. Why? Because the website is flooded with fake Sugar Baby Listings. In short, they aren’t real people. And they even admit to this in their Terms and Conditions page.

To summarize, some of their members “may be fictitious or models or bots” related to their “Love Stars” program. The program’s purpose is to stimulate dialogue with the site’s members as well as stimulate user participation. They add that all the information, photos and text contained in these fake profiles do not pertain to any real person, and they’re merely for entertainment purposes. On top of all that, you’ll also get fake notifications from fake profiles—giving you hope and then crushing that right after.

Fees and Billing

While many sugar dating websites allow a 3-day trial for free, FindSugarBabies is rather stingy and charges members $2.97 for a 3-day trial. After that, if you decide you want to keep your paid subscription, each month will cost $39.95/month. For some reason, if you jump straight to a monthly subscription without the 3-day trial, it’s only $29.95. It’s possibly to encourage people to buy a one-month subscription right away, reducing the chances of people only paying $2.97 and then not continuing their subscription. For a three-month subscription it’s $24.95/month, while it’s $19.95/month if it’s a six-month subscription.

Conclusion – Rating: 1

The website’s monthly fee is cheaper compared to many sugar dating websites, so you may be enticed to try it for a month. Plus, the intimate photos of the Sugar Babies are quite tempting as well. But if you don’t want to be fooled or scammed and don’t want to waste your time on this absurdity, forget about this site and move on to a reputable one. A good sugar dating website doesn’t need to rely on bots or fake profiles—or even nudes—to lure in Sugar Daddies. Their reputation will be enough to attract paying customers.

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