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Once you start looking for sugar dating websites to join, you’ll realize that there is no shortage of sugar dating sites on the Internet. That sounds like a good thing, but when you finally try them one by one, you’ll see that it’s not that easy. Not all of them are reputable. In fact, most of them are guaranteed to waste your time. Fortunately, there are websites like that can still offer a pretty decent experience to Sugar Daddies. It’s undeniably one of the best sugar dating sites in the business right now.

Initial Thoughts is genuine sugar dating website that connects young, beautiful ladies with older, generous men. You can tell by the name of the website that its main clientele is the Sugar Daddies. And they truly do make it easy for Sugar Daddies to find their ideal Sugar Baby.

Most reviews about the website on the Internet are positive, making it a promising option for Sugar Daddies who want to skip a long, exhausting search and jump straight to signing up on one sugar dating site.

Browsing the Site

Utilizing a simple yet modern web design, Established Men allows its members to easily navigate the site. Looks like the website was designed with the older gentlemen in mind—they understand that older people have a harder time figuring out today’s technology. The homepage is free of clutter and all the important information are located in the footer section, including their contact page, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and FAQ. Many sites don’t even bother having a FAQ page, but Established Men shows that it cares about its members as well as potential members by answering questions they may have about the site. On top of that, they have safe dating tips just below the general frequently asked questions.

But the best part here is probably the fact that the website doesn’t look like a porn site or an escort service site. Even though the background is literally an animation of a hand swiping from left to right, going through Sugar Baby listings with photos, the photos look like your average dating site photos. You can use the site in public without worrying about other people judging you for looking at indecent photos of younger women.

Signing Up

Signing up is a breeze—you just have to go to the big blue square that asks who you’re looking for (and their age range) and where you live and click on continue to start the sign-up process. You’ll then be asked for your email address, desired username and password and personal details, including your birthday, physical appearance, ethnicity and blood type. You have the option to add a photo as well. Click on “I AGREE” and your account is made and ready for use. Now, you have access to the search feature, your inbox and a few other things.

Unlike many sugar dating websites that require you to pay for a subscription to message a member, Established Men allows their free members to send a certain number of messages to other members. Once this runs out, you can upgrade your membership to unlock unlimited messaging. But that’s not the only feature that comes with the paid membership. In fact, it comes with several other features that you’ll most likely find to be very useful.

For example, with a paid subscription you’ll be able to do a more refined search for Sugar Babies; be featured as one of the top search listings; be recommended to all new Sugar Babies that join the site; get exclusive access to all the new Sugar Babies for 24 hours, allowing you to talk to them first; and be able to use a voicemail service that will let you leave any member a voice message using your own phone without revealing your phone number. As a paid member, you even get a premium member badge on your profile, letting all the other members know that you’re an elite member.

Sugar Baby Listings

Even though most of the site’s advertising is directed towards Sugar Daddies, Established Men still has a high number of Sugar Babies and it continues to increase every day. The Sugar Daddies are actually outnumbered by the Sugar Babies, because not only is the website free to use for them, is also known for having legitimately wealthy Sugar Daddies looking for serious relationships with Sugar Babies.

Getting a date through the site isn’t difficult, and you may even find one in as little as a week or two. With so many Sugar Babies on the website, you’re bound to match with at least a few of them even on your first week. But there’s just one problem: there’s a chance that you’ll encounter a fake member. Apparently, there are a lot of fake profiles on the website since it’s free for everyone to join. And it’s even easier for women to fake their identities since they don’t need to go through any type of verification. There’s no guarantee that the Sugar Baby you’re talking to is who she says she is. You’ll probably have to spend a lot of time figuring out which Babies are fake and which ones are real.

Another cause for concern is the fact that used to exist as, a sugar dating website known for its bad reputation. If you try to go to, it will automatically redirect you to It’s likely that they changed their name to improve their terrible reputation. In many reviews about Arrangement Finders, users have complained about Sugar Babies canceling dates without giving a reason, demanding way too much from Sugar Daddies, and outright asking for money (and receiving them) without giving the Sugar Daddies anything in return. It’s unknown whether any of these things are still happening on Established Men, but it’s always a possibility.

Fees and Billing

You have three options to choose from when it comes to Established Men’s paid memberships. Each paid membership comes with credits, which you can then use to buy gifts for potential Sugar Babies. There’s the Intro Membership at $79/month, valid for one month and comes with 100 credits. There’s the recommended Executive Membership at $49/month for three months that comes with 300 credits. And lastly, there’s the First Class Membership that’s priced at $25/month for 12 months straight that comes with 3000 credits. You can pay using your credit card or PayPal.

Conclusion: Rating – 3.5

Established Men definitely stands out from the crowd, thanks to its clean, user-friendly website, topnotch features and high number of Sugar Baby members. Not only is it worth checking out, you’ll likely to find your Sugar Baby here as well. It would’ve gotten a perfect score if it didn’t have any fake profiles and if it didn’t have a bad reputation when it used to be And in case you’re interested, the site is owned by the same owner as the infamous, which had a hacking scandal in 2015 where hackers threatened to reveal customer data if both websites weren’t shut down. Regardless, the website is a decent service—just use with caution.

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