EliteMeeting.com Review – Only the Price is Elite; Everything Else is Cheap

When you see or hear that a product or service is being referred to as “elite”, you can’t help but trust it even if you know nothing about it yet. It’s supposed to be superior, and it makes people think that it’s the best one around. That’s the image that sugar dating website EliteMeeting.com is trying to sell here. Competition in the sugar dating website field is pretty tough, so the company needs to come up with things to one up its competition, even if it means it has to resort to using a name that doesn’t actually represent them. EliteMeeting.com? More like EliteScams.com. Read on to find out why we think so.

Initial Thoughts

The website doesn’t have the best layout but it at least doesn’t look like a porn site trying to pretend it’s a dating site. At one look, the homepage can be pretty confusing since it’s cluttered with information that doesn’t need to be there. To be completely honest, it doesn’t have an elite feeling; it seems more like your average mediocre sugar dating website. The first thing you’ll probably see on the homepage are listings of their “verified” members in your city or another random city.

You’ll see that once you click on any of them, you’ll actually be taken to their profile, which contains photos and tons of information about the member. Again, while it doesn’t give off an elite feeling, it does make you feel like it truly is a legitimate site. There are member testimonials on the homepage as well, but you’re probably better off not believing them as they can be easily fabricated.

Browsing the Site

As previously mentioned, the site doesn’t look very organized and is filled with unnecessary information. You’d think that if they were gonna add anything to their homepage, they’d put more useful information like who they are, how the site works, their blog, some FAQs and maybe some information about the fees but they’re all nowhere to be seen. You’ll have to sign up to learn anything useful about the site.

Signing Up

Making an account is a no-brainer. There’s a big text that says “JOIN NOW” on the homepage and you’ll just have to click on that after filling in the information they’re asking for, such as your email address, your chosen password, your gender, birthday and mobile phone number. One of the more annoying dating sites in the business, Elite Meeting asks you to upload a photo before you can proceed with creating your profile.

The next page is where you’ll input your primary and secondary interests, and “Sugardaddy relationship” is only one of the many options. This means that the site is, in fact, not just a sugar dating website but an all-around dating site. You’ll also be asked to enter your occupation, highest level of education, income and net worth. After this, you can describe your “ideal person to meet”, and finally you’re done and will have access to your “Home”.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get better at all. It still looks pretty cluttered and confusing. But you can now access your inbox, the search feature as well as the listings displayed right on the page. They also have a blog, which, from one look, doesn’t say anything particularly useful.

Now, if you try to view any of the listings, the site will tell you that they’re still reviewing your application, therefore you don’t have full access to all the features yet. Maybe they want to make the new members feel like they’re an exclusive site with a good screening process. But they only asked for a small amount of information and it shouldn’t be enough for a thorough screening. Anyways, you can’t use the site until they approve your application, so that sucks.

Sugar Baby Listings

There have been many reports and complaints from real users about the site’s members. There are a lot of fake profiles on the site, and a member won’t even realize this until after they pay for a subscription. Apparently, after creating an account on Elite Meeting, a member will receive tons of messages from other members. That sounds great, right?  Except, you can’t view any of these messages until after you get a paid subscription. But once you do, this flood of messages then stops. You’ll find that out of the 100 people who messaged you, only a couple will respond. You’ll also discover that most of these messages are vague and sound alike, and that the profiles of these members even contain the exact same information. Long story short, the website is using fake profiles to send messages to entice new members to buy a subscription. What a scam.

There have been reports of real users finding other real users, but they, too, have the same complaints about fake profiles and messages. So basically, not everyone on this site is fake—only most of them are.

There have been reports of catfishing, too—or people pretending to be someone they’re not and then scamming the real members.

Fees and Billing

It can get really confusing in this department. If you scroll down on your “Home”, you’ll see “My Upgrades” on the right. There are four options: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. However, no matter which one you click, you’ll be taken to the same page where they will try to sell you the Silver membership for, at the time of writing, a 50% discounted price of $69.99 from $137.99. This doesn’t make sense because 50% of $137.99 is $68.995 or $69. But whatever. It seems that this fee is good for three months, and they claim that if you don’t meet anyone during these three months, you’ll continue to enjoy your membership free of charge.

You may be able to access all the other types of memberships as well as their prices if you provide your billing details including your credit card number, but don’t try this if you don’t want a subscription because you’re not going to get your money back if you ask for a refund. Several people have complained about not getting a refund after emailing Elite Meeting. No one even responded to them.

Conclusion – Rating: 2

Elite Meeting, unlike its name, is far from being elite. The only elite thing about it is the price you have to pay for a cheap experience. Nothing about the site stands out, except maybe for the fact that you can browse their listings before you register. But for some reason, you can’t view them anymore once you register and you’ll have to wait for them to approve your profile.

It’s a total waste of time. Not to mention, it’s filled with mostly fake profiles and the few real members the site has are decreasing by the day. There are plenty of better sugar dating sites on the Internet—ditch this one.

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