Preparing for the First Date

If you have gotten past the stage of sifting through your selection of Sugar Babies and have decided on the first one you would like to meet, it’s time to go forward with your first date.  First be sure that you’ve read all of the previous guides and have thoroughly researched your prospective Sugar Baby and are sure that you are a match.  If all has gone well, so far, then it is time for you two to meet in person.  Ideally, you will meet in a public place using separate transportation.  There are a few things that you should consider when preparing for your first meeting.


As a Sugar Daddy, you should be sure of the place that you want. It’s very significant if you make a few calls to the upscale restaurant or any other public place to make a reservation. Being prepared early is very good as, if any changes occur, you can easily tell the Sugar Baby. When choosing a restaurant, ensure that you choose a public place for the first date. Making a date totally exclusive will impress the potential Sugar Baby. However, you should inquire if she dislikes some types of food, so that you are sure to choose a restaurant that is suitable for both of you. This is very critical because it shows you are concerned with her likes and dislikes thus creating a good image for you as a Sugar Daddy.


One other important thing you should do is make phone calls to the Sugar Baby, just to ensure that she is still coming for the date. This is important so as to clarify if there is any issue or any changes with the schedules and the arrangements. You should, also, tell those who might need to call you on the day of the date that you won’t be available, so as to prevent them from calling you during the date. Giving your Sugar Baby all the attention without any distractions is important on the first date.


You should, also, consider your transportation arrangements.  How you would arrive at the venue could be under an agreement. You might decide to pick her up or come in separate ways. It is traditional for you as the guy to pick her up for the date, and it could be more convenient if you arrive at the reserved place together.  However, there’s also the possibility of the date not going well, in which case you would be able to return her home safely.  However, if you decide to arrive alone, make sure that you are on time.  Punctuality is important as we don’t have a lot of flexible time as a businessman or a Sugar Daddy. Emphasizing on the punctuality to the Sugar Baby will make her see the relevance for her to be on time for your convenience.


Once you’ve decided where to meet, you should dress sharply. If you have a good taste in clothing, you can use your own brand or even hire a stylist. You want to create a good impression for your Sugar Baby and being smart is very important. You should be looking sharp for your lady. Also, as you select your clothing, remember the venue or the occasion and dress accordingly. For example, if it’s a formal white tie event remember to also, inform her of the occasion so that she can be able to dress accordingly as well. At all times as a man, you should ensure you look like a million bucks.


As you’re getting ready, you’ll want to be thinking about conversation topics to keep your new Sugar Baby entertained.  First dates all have the potential for a few awkward minutes of silence.  You should have some questions prepared for her to keep the conversation going.  Some topics you might consider are her family, hobbies, education, work, travels, and religious views, if that’s important to you.  This responsibility falls to you as you would like to know her more aside from the profile. Apart from being inquisitive, you should also be able to talk about yourself, what you do, and also what you like. Having these normal conversations should spice up your evening, especially if you find you have some things in common with her.


As the man funding the date you should also check that you have cash on hand. If you don’t you should acquire some cash, just in case your credit cards may have an issue no matter how unlikely this might seem. You should be ready at all times, as it would ruin a good date. As a man, you should also have some money on hand so that as you leave the place you can give the Sugar Baby some cash, just as a token of appreciation because of her accepting and appearing at the date.

Aside from things that you should do, there are several things that you should not do as well.  Doing the wrong thing on your first date can end your chances of making a good match quickly.

Do not over-imbibe.  While a cocktail or two can loosen tense nerves and promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere, you should know your limits.  It would be highly embarrassing to be drunk at your first meeting. You should also keep an eye on her drinking so that you are not stuck with a Sugar Baby who cannot control her liquor.

Don’t keep your cell phone out and make sure that it is on silent.  You want to show that you can focus your full attention on her.  An ill-timed ringtone or repeat message tone can be distracting and annoying. On the first date give her your full attention, no matter how busy you may be. It may be hectic at times when you have ongoing business, and if it’s quite important to you to pick that call, let the Sugar Baby know that it’s a possibility that you might have to take a call.  If you’ve informed her, she should be able to understand why you are doing this. However, as much as possible, it is good manners that you both clear your schedules just for that one and only first date.

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