Making an Official Arrangement

If things have been going well after a few dates you should then create an official arrangement between you and your Sugar Baby. This arrangement should be in a way that both the parties in this arrangement will benefit. Since you have come to know each other better there should be no problem with agreeing. As the Sugar Daddy you should be ready to listen to what the Sugar Baby wants. This will play an important role in ensuring that the relationship is stable and remains strong for as long as possible provided you have both reached a common ground and you have agreed on most of the relationship’s aspects.

The Sugar Daddy’s Role

As a Sugar Daddy you are required to ensure that you meet your financial obligations in this relationship. The main reason behind this is that most Sugar Babies look for this kind of relationship because of financial reasons. The agreement you make with the Sugar Baby should clearly stipulate these facts and expectations. This is important because the agreement will be a solid resource in case of a breakup or other situations that might end the relationship. It is paramount to know that even though the law is silent about this kind of relationship, there are terms and conditions that demand that there should be a mutual trust between the involved partners. In case of separation, both the parties are protected.

Besides the Sugar Baby benefiting from you financially, you can also agree to be a mentor in a particular business field or business. As a Sugar Daddy you might agree to fund a start up for the Sugar Baby. In such a situation you will require an actual business contract on top of the private mutual agreement. This will give the Sugar Baby control of the start up. It is, also, advisable to clearly state your contribution, liability, and role on the start up so that you can have an easier time.

The Sugar Baby’s Role

Your Sugar Baby should be in a position to meet her end of the bargain, and also agree that it is possible for her. You should make sure that you are very clear with what you want from the Sugar Baby. This means that you should know exactly what she will be offering, so that you can know what kind of a relationship you will be having.

Most Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationships involve sex. But you might be a Sugar Daddy who is not looking for sex, especially if you do not have the ability because of age. Maybe you are just looking for the company of a young attractive lady without involving sex. In such a situation the Sugar Baby should be willing to be able to provide you with the company you need. But if you are looking for more than companionship she should also be able to provide as long as you have already discussed it, and she has accepted.

It is not necessarily true that you will want to be seen in public with your Sugar Baby. Instead you might want to meet her in discreet places where you know there will not be interference. You might also be interested in a relationship with no strings attached. This means that you are not interested in the other people who are in her life, such as much younger boyfriends. There are many other types of relationships, and you are the one to choose which you want. The most important thing is discussing with her and coming to an agreement on what you expect from each other. Provided you have agreed that she should be able to provide all what you had agreed on.

How to Solemnize the Arrangement

Most of the relationships between sugar daddies and sugar babies were traditionally based on mutual understanding. But because of changes in time, the unwritten mutual understanding is no longer sufficient. This means that you can formalize the relationship to ensure everything is clear. You can agree with the Sugar Baby to have a written agreement stating the role of each partner in the relationship. Most likely you will not want to involve legal aspects because there are many grey areas when it comes to dealing with this kind of relationship. A written document stating the agreement will ensure that the relationship is stronger.

Some of the things you should consider in your arrangement are:

  • Whether you shall be providing her with a monthly allowance and how much it will be
  • Whether you will be taking over some of her bills such as tuition, rent, car payment, mortgage and other similar bills
  • Your meeting points
  • Methods of contact
  • Whether there will be gifts
  • Whether you will be going on long trips
  • How much notice is required for a trip or a meeting
  • Whether there will be society events to attend and whether there will be extra allowance to cater for accessories and clothing for such events

The number of young women looking for rich older men has been increasing steadily. So as a Sugar Daddy, you can expect that you will have an easier time getting the Sugar Baby with the qualities that you want. Despite this there are things you should consider while trying to get the right girl. First of all, you should choose the girl who is not unreasonable in her requirements. You might have a lot of money, but it is not appropriate for the girl to ask for a huge amount while making the arrangements. It is, also, not cool for the girl to demand expensive gifts even if you can afford them. The right girl should just ask for reasonable things, which can help uplift her life. The right girl should know that even if you can afford spending a lot on her you will do it at your own pleasure.

It is also advisable to look for a Sugar Baby who has a character that will give you peace of mind instead of giving you stress. The importance of this is that you are looking for a girl who will give you a good time and not a girl who will be nagging. You should check the qualities and characteristics of the girl during the first few dates, so that you can know her better. If you start your relationship in the right manner, there is a high possibility that the relationship will last for long, and you shall both enjoy it.

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